Partagria is an incubation platform to connect West African small and semi-industrialized farmers to global markets.

We generate significant economic and social impact for rural areas by enabling small farmer communities, cooperatives, and semi-industrialized farmers to become better entrepreneurs and to participate in the global economy. We accomplish this goal through our platform operating model, scalable across the region, and by incubating scalable and sustainable enterprises and joint ventures (Africa Nut Exporters and Majota Natural) utilizing innovative business models.

We focus on:

Improving Yields and Quality:

  • Accompany small and medium farmers to improve planning, cultivation, harvest and post-harvest practices to achieve exportable products.
  • Offer expert agronomic and crop management support and training.
  • Co-financing of inputs

Connecting to Global Markets:

  • Provide marketing, conditioning to international standards, and logistics to enable exports of produce directly to global customers
  • Develop processing facilities to transform agricultural commodites into higher-value food products

Providing Transaction Security:

  • Serve as a trusted transaction intermediary both for farmers and clients
  • Guaranteed buyer with local presence and trust of farmers and agricultural cooperatives
  • Quality control, certification, processing, and seed-to-market traceability for international clients
  • Provide a non-cash platform for unbanked and often illiterate farmers

Connecting to Impact Capital:

  • Enable a social finance instrument with concrete social benefit while generating an economic return for the investors
  • Serve as a platform to make the investments impactful, transparent, and visible while ensuring high performance

Over the past two years, we’ve executed a number of pilot projects in Senegal and Cote d’Ivoire and successfully incubated two new food value chain businesses.