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About Us

We are starting with the first fields being sponsored in the region near the cities of Saint-Louis and Richard Toll in Senegal, in addition to products being sourced directly from producers. This region features:

  • Plentiful water sources for year-around irrigation
  • Fertile clay soils suitable for many crops
  • Communes with a high degree of motivation to work with us in transitioning to export-oriented produce
  • Local government interested to partner in building permanent conditioning centers in their region
  • Access to port and airport of Dakar via good roads

Partagria provides value to farmers, buyers and investors, each of whom deals with a single trusted partner ensuring transaction security:



Farmer benefits:

  • Improved yields via certified seeds, optimized fertilization and pest control, agronomic management, and crop planning
  • Higher returns received through access to global markets vs volatile local markets
  • Trusted partner enabling higher overall volume through purchase agreements and better market planning.

Client benefits:

  • Prices and quality comparable to industrial producers, but with an impact “story” attractive to end customers (e.g. supermarket clients)
  • Full crop tracking and traceability, from planting to delivery
  • Ability to “order” crops and monitor the producers online

Investor benefits:

  • An asset class decoupled from traditional financial markets
  • Financial returns while delivering positive social impact
  • Investment and social benefit tracking online
  • Options for short-term investments (6 months) with automatic re-investments into new campaigns