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Agricultural Value Chain

Partagria forms partnerships with farmers allowing us to aid them chose marketable crops at the right seasons, improve yields, and produce at international quality levels, while allocating investor money into agricultural production via the purchase of inputs such as seeds, fertilizers and phytosanitary products:

  • Investors receive a yield on their investments uncorrelated from global financial markets
  • Farmers receive better financial returns
  • Global customers receive in-demand fruits and vegetables
  • Partagria receives a margin on exports while ensuring product availability

Partagria provides for a vertically integrated value chain – “from farm, to client”. Farms are operated by local farmers in partnership with Partagria, which provides selection & conditioning, logistics and client export services via its trading and investment platform. Outside investors are able to participate in financing of farmers and capturing the export value of crops



The local farmers enter into an agreement where they receive farming inputs and expertise from Partagria while committing to supply a crop at export-quality specifications and pre-agreed price range.  The cost of farming inputs borne by Partagria is subsequently recuperated via part of the crop harvest given to pay back investment costs.