Local drier manufacturing in Cote d’Ivoire

For the fruit drying venture, Majota Natural, that we commenced in Cote d’Ivoire, we have engaged local drier manufacturers who perform the final assembly locally in the country’s economic hub, Abidjan, out of a selection of locally-manufactured and imported components.  Traditionally, fruit drying facilities operating in Sub-Saharan Africa imported dryers from Europe, China, and South Africa, but local production creates local jobs in manufacturing and supports indigenous African entrepreneurs.

While the process may seem crude given the environment in which the dryers are manufactured in, we have confirmed that the quality is on par with imported South African dryers.  In fact, the level of overall fabrication is roughly similar – some parts are a little but worse than the imported equivalents, yet other parts are actually more robustly built – an important consideration given repeated high-temperature cycling that dryers endure.

The picture above show the preliminary manufacturing stages as the metal frame in between the drier’s outer layer, insulation, and the metallic inner layer are installed.  As one might have noticed, driers are manufactured out of shipping containers – a base that provides not only a rigid structural foundation, but also a form factor that is convenient for transport and installation.