Partagria Participates in Senegal’s Mango Week

Partagria’s representatives attended Senegal’s Mango Week events in Dakar and the surrounding mango production regions.


We conducted meetings with several small- and medium-scale mango producers in Senegal (30 – 60 ha. cultivation area) and discussed long-term cooperation in the cultivation and export of mangoes, involving:

  • Joint operation of mango fields
  • Conditioning of mangoes to prepare them for export
  • Commercialization of mangoes to export customers

Currently, Senegal exports only 10% of its mango production. Meanwhile, the world demand for mangoes is on the rise and is expected to continue increasing, especially in markets such as the United States, Canada, the European Union, and even Asian markets including China. It is estimated that international trade in fresh mangoes will amount to approximately USD 1,799,000 million in 2029*.

*  World Mango Market Supply, Demand and Forecast, GBD Network