Production Agreement Signed with Kassack

Partagria has signed an agreement to commence an agricultural project with a commune of Kassack in the north of Senegal, which has over 250 hectares of arable land available.  Preparations for this campaign will start immediately. Vegetables planned for production in Kassack:   Herbs planned for production in Kassack:  

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Test Pepper Shipments

This winter, we have conducted test shipments of hot peppers to clients in Paris. Our peppers are sourced fresh from farms in Senegal and shipped by air within 48 hours of harvest.  

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Okra Export Campaign

Partagria’s partners are engaging in a campaign to export premium-quality okra to Paris and London.  Our okra is sourced directly from fields in Senegal, processed at a nearby site, carefully packed into boxes, and placed into a the airport cold room within half a day of harvesting, to arrive at the client site in 48 […]

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