Third pilot project commences near Touba

Following the start of its first two pilot projects in the areas of Kassack and Touba in Senegal, Partagria has commenced its third pilot project located near the village of Mbilor Dieri in northern Senegal.

The project site was originally developed by the government as a dairy farm and associated agricultural fields, but has fallen into disrepair due to lack of good management.  The bovine population has reduced and the project risked total closure, much to the protest of the local population.

Despite its now-tumultuous history, the project site has remained in good technical condition and represents a productive closed-circuit system: the foliage from crops can be used to supplement the cow feed, while cow manure makes an excellent organic fertilizer.


Partagria has signed a production agreement with the village agricultural commune to develop the site starting with a nursery, and subsequently several production fields.

mbilor-start-1 mbilor-start-2 mbilor-start-3 mbilor-start-4 mbilor-start-5 mbilor-start-7

Following the finalizing of the production agreement to share input costs and sales profits with the community, work has already commenced in preparing the site for the creation of the new nursery.

mbilor-work-1 mbilor-work-2 mbilor-work-3 mbilor-work-4 mbilor-work-5