Seedlings Monitoring Visit

For the agricultural production project in the north of Senegal, the community that we are working with has planted seedlings for Eggplant, African Eggplant, and Hot Peppers.  We conducted a site visit with our staff agronomist to monitor the plantings, provide technical advice, and distribute fertilizers and phytosanitary products.

Partagria’s staff agronomist and the community’s technical specialist in charge of agriculture:

 Seedlings Visit 1 (5 of 6)


Recently-planted seedlings germinating:

Seedlings Visit 1 (4 of 6) Seedlings Visit 1 (3 of 6) Seedlings Visit 1 (1 of 6)


Earlier-planted seedlings in post-germination phase:

Seedlings Visit 1 (2 of 6)