Update and pictures from our pilot projects

We have three pilot projects in Senegal right now that are generating impact.  Two of them are in the agricultural region near the city of Richard Toll (one in the community of Kassack and the other one in the community of Mbilor).  The third project is the agricultural region near the city of Touba.

For each project, we calculate the number of smallholder farmers in each of the agricultural community that we partner with and multiple each farm-holder by 5, a conservative estimate of the average household size where Partagria operates is 5 people.

For the jobs that we provide to women in our conditioning centers (which have been so far used on the Kassack project), we likewise take the number of jobs and multiple each by a factor of 5 as an estimate of household size.

Together, these projects, along with our test export shipments, have impacted over 1,200 people